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Wizard Dog by Rebecca Lisle
Andersen Press ISBN 9781842708903

A new Royal Wizard is needed as the Palace is haunted. Pong, a handsome pedigree dog with a very good brain, used to help the Royal Wizard but Wizard Wazp has disappeared. The King and his rather unusual Royal Adviser are absolutely not interested in a dog applying to be the new wizard! This entertaining story will show you how clever a clever dog can be. It is a real romp through the Royal Castle.

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The Disappearing Moon by Simon Bartram
Templar Publishing ISBN 9781840117196

The stupendous Alacazamo ends his magic show by making the Moon disappear. Bob, the Man on the Moon, and his extra special dog find themselves in a race to uncover the truth. This is the first in an exciting new series about the Man on the Moon!

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