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Stories of Dinosaurs by Russell Punter
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9780746074268

Make way for these dynamic dinosaurs - Kevin Kritosaurus faces a mighty Megalosaur in a prehistoric wrestling match. The Raptor brothers have one hour to save their dino diner from disaster. And a newborn Hadrosaur goes on the rampage.

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Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion by Sue Mongredien
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9780746073063

In Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion, Oliver Moon is the hardest working wizard at Magic School and now he's been nominated for Young Wizard of the Year. But at home he has to cope with his seriously embarrassing unmagical parents. What will the judges say when they find out that the Moons use a microwave instead of a cauldron and a car instead of a broomstick?

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