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March 2019

Armadillo and Hare
Tom and Tallulah and the Witches’ Feast
A Chase in Time
The Afterwards

December 2018

Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic
Marge and the Secret Tunnel
Treasure of the Golden Skull
The Missing Barbegazi

October 2018

The Twitches Bake a Cake
Horace and Harriet: The Sports Spectacular
Spy Toys: Undercover
To the Edge of the World

August 2018

Isadora Moon Goes to the Fair
Max Champion and the Great Race Car Robbery
Ancell's Final Battle
Night Speakers

June 2018

The Case of the Missing Hippo
The Hidden Staircase
The Chocolate Factory Ghost
The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day

April 2018

Up, Up and Away!
Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure
The Giraffes of Whispering Wood
The Explorer

February 2018

The Dog Who Walked on the Wild Side
Marge and the Great Train Rescue
Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape
The Hippo at the End of the Hall

December 2017

One Christmas Wish
Polly and the Puffin: The Happy Christmas
Escape from the Tower
Father Christmas And Me

October 2017

The Night Box
The No 1 Car Spotter Fights the Factory
Spy Toys: Out of Control

August 2017

King of the Sky
Harper and the Night Forest
The Accidental Secret Agent
The Lights Under the Lake

June 2017

The Dog Who Rode for Glory
The Silver Unicorn
Funfair Repair
The Jamie Drake Equation

April 2017

The Spooky School
Who Stole the Hamster?
Prom King
The Song From Somewhere Else

February 2017

Dotty Detective: The Paw Print Puzzle
Marge in Charge
The Royal Rabbits of London
The Thornthwaite Betrayal

December 2016

Pugly Solves a Crime
The Pocket Dog
It Wasn’t Me
Poppy Pym and the Double Jinx

October 2016

Sophie's Squeaky Surprise
Claude Going for Gold
Fizzlebert Stump and the Great Supermarket Showdown
Binny Bewitched

August 2016

Frankie’s Magic Football: Deep Sea Dive
Harper and the Circus of Dreams
Help! I’m an Alien
The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth

June 2016

The Party Club
Polly and the Puffin: The Stormy Day
Fridays with the Wizards
How to Capture an Invisible Cat

April 2016

Pugly Bakes a Cake
Thunderbot’s Day of Doom
Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-offs
Warning Cry

February 2016

Dixie O’Day and the Haunted House
Claude: Lights! Camera! Action!
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend

December 2015

Dirty Bertie: Aliens!
The Adventures of Miss Petitfour
Pugs of the Frozen North
A Boy Called Christmas

October 2015

Knight in Training: Dragons Can't Swim
Stitch Head: The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin
The Bolds
Binny in Secret

August 2015

Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy
Superhero School: Alien Attack!
The Accidental Prime Minister
The Fugitive

June 2015

Rascal: Lost in the Caves
Foxy Tales: The Great Jail Break
Beasts of Olympus: Beast Keeper

April 2015

My Hamster is a Detective
The No 1 Car Spotter Goes to School
Cakes in Space
A Whisper of Wolves

February 2015

The Eager Elephant
The Royal Babysitters
Terror Town
Mountwood School for Ghosts

December 2014

Katie’s London Christmas
Splash Landing
The Spaghetti Yeti
Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii

October 2014

Dixie O’Day and the Great Diamond Robbery
Hubble Bubble: The Pesky Pirate Prank!
Boyface and the Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine
Rendezvous in Russia

August 2014

My Really Wheely Racing Day!
The Revenge of the Green Meanie
Scam on the Cam
SWARM: Operation Sting

June 2014

Cosmic Colin: Sneezy Alien Attack
The Case of the Feathered Mask
The Quirks in Circus Quirkus
The Impossible Boy

April 2014

Arthur and the Witch
My Funny Family Gets Bigger
The Great Brain Robbery
The Woebegone Twins

February 2014

My Hamster is a Spy
Claude on the Slopes
Layla Queen of Hearts
Stay Where You Are and Then Leave

January 2014

Barmy Barney Barn Owl
The Reindeer Girl
Genie in a Trap
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Over the Moon

October 2013

My Hamster is an Astronaut
Catch that Bat!
The Thunder Omen
Binny for Short

April 2013

Short John Silver
Penny Dreadful is a Record Breaker
The Naming of Tishkin Silk
Adrenaline Rush

March 2013

Arthur and the Mystery of the Egg
The Smug Pug
Ghost Buddy: How to Scare the Pants Off Your Pets
Bone Quill

February 2013

Monty Wins the Cup
My Funny Family on Holiday
The Abominators
The Mystery of Wickworth Manor

January 2013

My Great Big Birthday Bash
Feathers in the Wind
Genie in Trouble
Granny Grabbers’ Whizz Bang World

December 2012

Me, the Queen and Christopher
The Snow Bear
How To Build An Abominable Snowman
The Snow Merchant

November 2012

Monstrous Maud: School Scare
Dinosaur Land: The Great Escape!
Return of the Hungry Hamster
Sammy Feral’s Diaries of Weird

October 2012

Poppy the Pirate Dog
Run! The Elephant Weighs a Ton!
Bella Donna: Cat Magic
Osbert the Avenger

September 2012

Cudweed in Outer Space
I Don't Believe It, Archie!
Fizzlebert Stump
The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket

August 2012

Medal Mayhem
Super Soccer Boy and the Raging Robots
The Poisoned Honey Cake
The Abduction

July 2012

A Mystery for Megan
Stitch Head: The Pirate’s Eye
The Great Dog Disaster
Secret of the Shadows

June 2012

Paddington Races Ahead
Guinea Pigs Online
Dinosaur Olympics
Long Lankin

May 2012

Monstrous Maud Big Fright
Shadows under the Sea
Monster Swap Eddie and Fenda
The Devil’s Triangle Eye of the Storm

April 2012

Fairground Surprise
My Uncle Foulpest: Dinosaur Disaster
Boobela and Worm to the Rescue
Titanic: Death on the Water

March 2012

Bramble and the Treasure Hunt
Claude at the Circus
The Get Rich Quick Club 2: Kerching
Hollow Earth

February 2012

Seahorse Stars: The Lost Lagoon
More Meerkat Madness
Wild: Tiger Trouble

January 2012

Lulu and the Cat in the Bag
Zeus Sorts it Out
Max and Molly’s Guide To Trouble: How To Be A Genius
Monkey Bars and Rubber Ducks

December 2011

Sarky Puddleboat
Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe
Letters from an Alien Schoolboy: Cosmic Custard
Lost Christmas

November 2011

Natalie’s Winter Wonderland
Amazing Esme
Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: School of Meanies
Death of a Chimney Sweep

October 2011

My Creepy-Crawly Camping Adventure
Stitch Head
The Magical Detectives and the Forbidden Spell
My Name is Rose

September 2011

Pirate Curse
Bad Cat, Good Cat
Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop
The Shaman’s Secret

August 2011

Stunt Bunny: Rabbit Racer
Clone Chaos
Bella Donna: Too Many Spells
The Devil’s Triangle

July 2011

Seahorse Stars The First Pearl
Super Soccer Boy and the Alien Invasion
Monster Swap Robbie and Voxy
Billionaire Boy

June 2011

Lulu and the Dog from the Sea
Penny Dreadful is a Magnet for Disaster
The Secret Kingdom

May 2011

Axel Storm: Storm Rider
Meerkat Madness
The Magical Detectives
Labradoodle on the Loose

April 2011

Barney the Boat Dog: Very Brave Dog
Iggy and Me On Holiday
The Great Cat Conspiracy
Theodore Boone

March 2011

The Lost Treasure
Claude in the City
Fantastic Frankie and the Brain-Drain Machine
Mean Streets: The Chicago Caper

February 2011

Roar to the Rescue!
The Heartless Robots
A Circus Adventure
Murder on Stage

January 2011

Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation
Saxby Smart: Secret of the Skull
Rose and the Magician's Mask

December 2010

Ben's Birthdays
The Spoon of Doom
Bella Donna Coven Road
Sundered Lands: Trundle's Quest

November 2010

The Hoozles: My Magical Teddy
Super Soccer Boy: Attack of the Giant Slugs
Madame Pamplemousse and the Time-Travelling Cafe
The Stolen City

October 2010

Laura’s Star Friends Forever
Dinkin Dings and the Double from Dimension 9
Letters from an Alien Schoolboy
The Book of Bones

September 2010

Kasia's Surprise
Aunt Severe and the Dragons
Time Train to the Blitz
Zac and The Dream Pirates

August 2010

My Naughty Little Puppy: A Home for Rascal
Grubtown Tales: Trick Eggs and Rubber Chickens
Spy Pups: Circus Act
Doctor Doom

July 2010

The Mudcrusts: Chief Troubles
Pigs in Planes: The Big Baad Sheep
The Great Hamster Massacre
Jordan Stryker Bionic Agent

June 2010

Amy Wild, Animal Talker: The Mystery Cat
Car-Mad Jack: The Speedy Sports Car
Frightfully Friendly Ghosties
The Montgomery Murder

May 2010

Scarlet Silver: Swashbuckle School
The Goffins Go Batty
No Way Out
Tribe: Goodbye, Copper Pie

April 2010

Voyage of the Vikings
Iggy and Me and the Happy Birthday
Holidays According to Humphrey
The Shadow of Evil

March 2010

Roodica the Rude and the Chariot Challenge
Barnaby Grimes: Phantom of Blood Alley
Demon Strike

February 2010

Ellie and Granny Mac
Snow Goalie
Five Seconds to Doomsday
Paradise Barn

January 2010

Wizard Dog
The Disappearing Moon
The Clumsies Make a Mess

December 2009

All Alone at Christmas
Knee-High to a Knight
Tumtum and Nutmeg's Christmas Adventure!
Sylvie and the Songman

November 2009

Amy Wild, Animal Talker: The Musical Mouse
Mammoth Academy: Surf's Up!
Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles
Tom Fletcher and the Three Wise Men

October 2009

Sir Quinton Quest: The Yetis Hunt for Sir Quinton!
Delilah Darling is at the Zoo
Jack Slater and the Whisper of Doom
Jimmy's Stars

September 2009

Gormy Ruckles: Monster Contest
Iggy and Me
The Talented Clementine
I Spy: The Constantinople Caper

August 2009

A Calf called Valentine
Charlie and the Tooth Fairy
Spy Pups: Treasure Quest
Forbidden Island

July 2009

Mostly Monty
Bug Buddies: The Big Game
The Dragonfly Pool
The Madman of Venice

June 2009

The Secret Mermaid: Enchanted Shell
Billy Bonkers 2
The Treasure Keepers
The Lost Island of Tamarind

May 2009

Cat Tales: Shop Cat
The Monkey Pirates
Jeri Telstar and the Small Black Dog that Talked like the President
Skulduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire

April 2009

Magic Tree House: Diving with Dolphins
Shadow Goblins
Demon Defenders: Classroom Demons
Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

March 2009

Delphie and the Magic Spell
The Goffins Lofty and Eave
Dust 'n' Bones
The Mozart Question

February 2009

A Heart for Ruby
Prince Jake: It's Snow Joke!
Creaky Castle: Tom and the Siege
Stinky Finger's Deadly Doll of Death

January 2009

The Ferret Princess
Jake Cake: The Pirate Curse
The Cat Who Liked Rain
Mermaid Curse: The Golden Circlet

December 2008

The Story of Bear
Laura's Star and the Special Pony
Cows in Action - The Battle for Christmoos
The Battle for Christmas

November 2008

Gormy Ruckles Monster Boy
Cat Tales: Rain Cat
Jeri Telstar and the Biggest Secret in the World
Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear

October 2008

The Ship's Kitten
Puddle Goblins
The Howling Castle
The Baker Street Mysteries The Dragon Tattoo

September 2008

My Dad, the Hero
Charlie and the Haunted Tent
Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos
After the Flood

August 2008

Toffee and Pie
The Story of the Olympics
Tumtum and Nutmeg
Ivan the Terrible

July 2008

Agent Amelia Zombie Cows
Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon
Thanks for Telling Me, Emily
Sky Wolves

June 2008

Dino Doggy
Midsummer Magic
Trouble According to Humphrey
A Good Day for Haunting

May 2008

Magic Tree House: Castle of Mystery
The Windspinner
The Boy in the Biscuit Tin
Broken Glass

April 2008

The Little Penguin
My Unwilling Witch Gets a Makeover
Thomas Trew and the Selkie's Curse

March 2008

The Lighthouse Keeper's New Friend
The Witch's Dog and the Treasure Map
The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World
The Truth Sayer

February 2008

Pirate Penguins and the Sardines of Doom
Zeus to the Rescue!
Trolls on Hols
Jack Bolt and the Highwaymen’s Hideout

January 2008

Stories of Dinosaurs
Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion
Friendship According to Humphrey
Saving Finnegan

December 2007

Laura's Star and the Search for Santa
The Magic Factory Cold Spell
Invasion of the Christmas Puddings
The Greek Who Stole Christmas

November 2007

Pirate Penguins
The Humming Machine
Road Closed
The Howling Tower

October 2007

The Dragon Painter
Oliver Moon and the Dragon Disaster
The Great Tug Of War
The Little Gentleman
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