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Ancell's Final Battle
Ancell's Final Battle by Tony Main
Troubador ISBN 9781788038515

Ancell the heroic hedgehog and his crew are sailing on Misty Dawn with the children they have already rescued. They are searching for the orphans kidnapped and still held by Laughing Jack and his band of pirates. Dolphins and whales and the great albatross join the animal crew in a battle raging in the jungle as well as on the high seas. With Laughing Jack as their enemy, the crew hope the killer whales can save them. Will Ancell and his friends be able to achieve their goal? This is an exciting adventure with memorable characters that will appeal to boys and girls alike. It is a real page-turner of a book.

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Night Speakers by Ali Sparkes
Oxford ISBN 9780192749956

It seems strange to Elena that each night she wakes at 1.34 am. What is even stranger is that two other children, Matt and Tima, also wake at this exact time. Their lack of sleep soon catches up with them and their daily lives start to suffer. What is it that connects them? They are soon drawn together into an adventure where they discover they are each able to communicate with animals. However there is a frightening undercurrent permeating this story. What is it like to be a Night Whisperer? This is a fantastic book about three unlikely friends with mysterious powers set in the night time world. It will have you on the edge of your seat.

Night Speakers
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