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Ed's Reading Room is an online reading club for children aged 5-11 in homes and schools and has been developed by Maggie Humphreys and Les Snowdon. Each month recently published books are selected for the different age groups in Maggie's List, as Ed's Books of the Month. There are also reviews, specially written reading activities to accompany each book and author interviews in Ed's Interviews.

Maggie is a teacher with more than 25 years' experience in primary and secondary schools. Recognising the substantial learning benefits that children can gain from using the Internet, Maggie has applied her knowledge and experience of children's learning processes to create Ed's Reading Room to excite children's imagination, develop their love of reaSding and help them learn in a fun, interactive way.

Maggie Humphreys and Les Snowdon are both enthusiastic walkers and together are authors of seven books on fitness walking. Their books have been sold worldwide and have been translated into several languages. Maggie and Les have been interviewed and featured more than 200 times in the press, in magazines, and on radio and TV.

For further details about Ed's Reading Room, contact Maggie on 01753 730019 or email her at .

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